EXTENDED! Sponsor a New Promoter for FREE | November 2022

Top Prüvers shared all the details in the Prüvit Promoter FB Group. Check it out here


How to Qualify

1. Buy a Mini, Max or Mega Pack: New & Existing Promoter buy a Mini, Max or Mega Pack during the qualifying period

2. Sponsor a New Promoter: New or Existing Promoter, who purchased a Mini, Max or Mega Trial Pack, sponsors a NEW Promoter to buy the $49 promoter membership before November 30th @ 11:59pm CT

3. Give a FREE Mini, Max or Mega Trial Pack: Sponsor emails NEW promoter’s referral code into support, before November 30th @ 11:59pm CT, for support to place a FREE order of the equivalent Trial pack to the sponsor's purchase to be shipped to the NEW promoter*


PLUS $500 BONUS: Once the New Promoter who received a Mega Trial Pack achieves MVP they will receive a $500 bonus and the Sponsor will also receive a $500 bonus. 


Fine Print: 

🌎 Open to new and existing Prüvers Worldwide

Qualifying period: November 24 @ 12:01am CT - November 30 @ 11:59pm CT

💰Bonuses to be paid by January 15, 2023


*Details to email to support @ support@pruvithq.com

  • Subject line "FREE PROMOTER PACK".
  • CC the New Promoter and include their referral code. 
  • Support will ask to confirm shipping address and billing information to charge the tax and shipping for the free trial pack. 
  • Please allow up to two weeks for free trial pack to ship to the new promoter.  




Q. Can an existing Prüvit customer upgrade to promoter and qualify for a free trial pack? 

A. Yes, upgrading customers can qualify to receive a free trial pack as long as their sponsor purchases a trial pack.


Q. Can an existing Prüvit customer upgrade to a promoter and qualify to give a free trial pack?

A. Yes. If an existing Prüvit customer upgrades to a promoter by buying a mini, max or mega trial pack, they can gift the equivalent of the pack they purchased. The pack that the existing customer purchases will count for QV and BV. 


Q. When does the new promoter need to be enrolled by?

A. Before November 30 @ 11:59pm CT


Q. If I buy more than one Trial pack, can I give more than 1 trial pack? 

A. Yes, you can give as many FREE trial packs as you purchase. 


Q. What size trial pack will my new promoter receive? 

A. The same size trial pack that is purchased by the new promoter's sponsor. For example, if you buy a mini trial pack, your new promoter will receive a mini trial pack. 


Q. The mega trial pack comes with quite a few perks when purchased, do these perks also come with the free Mega Trial Builder? 

A. The free Mega Trial builder does come with a 1 year rank 5 pass.


Q. Does the free Trial Pack qualify for QV or BV? 

A. No


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