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Fraud occurs across the globe daily. Protecting everyone in the Prüvit Community as well as the integrity and longevity of Prüvit as a company is very important to us. We do not want you or Prüvit to become victims of fraud.*

In a continued effort to protect Prüvers worldwide, we have collaborated with our banking partners to make some changes to the settings and tools that Prüvit uses to prevent and eliminate fraud. These changes are not likely to affect the average Prüver. However, some users who process many transactions from the same computer or on the same cards may be affected.

If you find you are unable to process a payment, please email fraudprevention@pruvithq.comwith the following information (Please note that you cannot email in for another individual. The error code you are emailing in about must apply to your attempted purchase.):

1. The response you are getting - Please attach a screenshot or type out what you see including any error

2. The number of different cards you are trying to use to complete a purchase.

3. The number of different transactions that are being sent from your device. 

4. Full name associated with your account

5. Prüvit username

6. Products you are trying to order


We appreciate your support as we prevent and eliminate fraud within our community. 



* Prüvit will prosecute anyone participating in fraudulent activities to the full extent of the law.

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