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What is the return/exchange policy?

In an effort to get our shipments to our customers as quickly as possible, orders cannot be canceled or modified once placed.
If you are not satisfied within the first 30 days of the original purchase, you may contact to return the unused portion of the product for a full refund of the product purchase amount, minus shipping and handling charges incurred. After 30 days, and up to 90 days post purchase, you may contact to return the remaining sellable portion of the product for a full refund on the returned items, minus shipping and handling charges incurred.

If within the first 30 days of the original purchase, you are not satisfied with the product, you may contact support@ to return the unused portion of the product for a full refund, minus shipping and handling charges. Your promoter account will then be subject to 6 months suspensionBetween 30 and 90 days, if you are not 100% satisfied with our products or are unable to sell them, you may return them for a refund (only if the product remains sealed and intact.) The refund shall be 70% percent of the original price for all returned product. Any shipping and handling charges incurred will not be refunded. 

If within 30 days of the expected reported delivery date, you do not notify of a problem with the receipt of your order, including but not limited to, failure to receive the product, improper sealing, damaged to the container, quality of the internal product, and/or receipt of wrong product, refunds or exchanges will not be given. 

ALL purchases are charged and refunded in U.S. Dollars. All returns, refunds and exchanges will also be refunded or exchanged based upon U.S. Dollars. Prüvit Ventures, Inc. is not responsible for fluctuating exchange rates.
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