VIP Club Transition

VIP Club Overview

March 31st SmartShip Orders

Heads up, If you set up a SmartShip on March 31, 2023, you will see 15% VIP discount applied. Tomorrow (April 1, 2023) these will auto update to a 25% discount per the promo that gives 25% to all active SS users as of end of March.

Setup & process SmartShips today only get 15% off only.


What happens to my existing Prüvit Bucks?

  • Prüvit Bucks will be converted to the new Points scale which means every 1 Prüvit Buck will turn into 10 points.
  • In the VIP Club, every 10 points equals $1
  • Prüvit Bucks will be converted the week of March 20


What happens to my unused Points after 90 days?

  • Unused points will expire 90 days from issue
  • Your Prüvit Bucks will convert to Points on March 20, and will expire 90 days prior, which will be no later than June 30, 2023
  • You can use your new Points within the monthly limit
    • up to $500 USD worth of points per month on SmartShip orders
    • up to $250 USD worth of points per week on everyday orders


What happens to my Endorsement Bonus (EB)?

  • Existing users who created an account March 31 or earlier
    • Can continue achieving the EB in April
    • Can still use 100% points on their SS in April
    • Will also earn VIP points
    • Beginning May 8, can use 50% points on their SS
    • During the month of May, can use up to 10,000 points on one time orders.
  • New users who create an account from April 1
    • Do NOT have access to EB
    • Can only use points for 50% of SmartShip orders


What happens to the Free Mystery Gift program?

  • From April 1, 2023, the Free Mystery Gift will no longer be available, in favor of the new perks available in the VIP Club.
  • If March was your qualifying month:
    • 3 of 3 – you will receive your Free Gift with your April SmartShip order
    • 2 of 3 – you will receive 200 bonus points after your April SmartShip processes
    • 1 of 3 – you will receive 100 bonus points after your April SmartShip processes
  • Bonus points will be applied on May 1, 2023


What happens to my SmartShip discount?

  • All Prüvers who have an active SmartShip at the end of March will be automatically upgraded to the 25% VIP+ discount for April, May and June. From July, you will only retain the 25% discount if you maintained SmartShip throughout April, May and June, thus meeting the VIP+ requirement.
    • This does NOT grant you access to the other the VIP+ benefits, only the 25% discount.
  • All Prüvers who have maintained an active SmartShip for the months of January, February, and March will start April with full VIP+ status having met the 3 or more consecutive months requirement. 


Customers referring customers works the same as it always has. For certain bonuses and volumes, customers are compressed based on next upline promoter.


There will be alerts for Customer referrals. We are updating the new customer autoresponder so the next upline promoter will get alerts for personal customers AND customers of customers etc.


VIP Club access is the same for Promoters and Customers.


BV on orders using points is offset in the same way it does for discount. Proportionate to the discount off the full retail price. 


Points will stack on up to 50% of the retail value after 15/25% discount. VIP members will automatically receive 15% off all qualifying orders while VIP+ members will receive 25% off. You can then use points towards your order to bring your total savings to 50% off the regular retail price.


Points are applied to the order after other discounts are applied.


Points can be transferred the same as before.


Points use does not require having 2 active SmartShip customers in order to use them.


Download the VIP Club Transition presentation here.

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