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Flag_of_Mexico.png $MXN + TAX & SHIPPING

  Retail VIP  15% OFF VIP25% OFF
10-Day-Challenge-MX_box_s.png CHALLENGE PACK (variety of flavors) 20 Servings
$2,180.25 $1,923.75
80 QV / 80 BV 80 QV / 62 BV 80 QV / 50 BV
NAT_Dulce_Agrio_ampoule_s_twin.png KETO//OS® Ampoules 20 Servings
$2,180.25 $1,923.75
80 QV / 80 BV 80 QV / 62 BV 80 QV / 50 BV


*Prices above exclude sales tax and shipping fees

BV (Bonus Volume): BV is based on prices displayed. BV conversion applies on special offers. Zero BV applies on payments using points.

QV (Qualification Value): The points assigned to all commissionable products - used to determine qualified rank.

Points: Points can be used on one-time and SmartShip orders. Use up to 5000 points (MXN $9,500) per month towards your SmartShip. Use up to 2500 points (MXN $4,750) per week on one-time orders. New products and flavors are NOT available with points for a limited time following their official launch.

Prices and information are subject to change without notice. 

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