120 Day Roadmap


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Income Disclosure Statement

The income statistics below are for all United States Pruvit Ventures, Inc. (“Pruvit”) Promoters who were eligible to qualify for downline commissions in 2020. A “Promoter” is defined as having paid the $49 annual Promoter fee at some point from January 2020 through December 2020. The average annual income for a Promoter in 2020 was $1,136.54, and the median annual income for all Promoters in 2020 was $0. 2.89% of all Promoters did not continue with Pruvit after their first year. Out of approximately 36,325 Promoters that signed up as U.S. Promoters since the beginning of 2020, approximately 35,276 were still active at the end of the year.


Pruvit 365 PDF Tracker

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