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Your activation is based on accumulating 50PQV within the currently weekly/monthly period. Once accumulated, you become 'Engaged' until the end of the current weekly/monthly period. Once the next weekly/monthly period begins, you must once again accumulate 50PQV to become Engaged. Please note: PQV looks back 61 days, which provides you with a 30 day grace period.


Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV) is earned from:

1. The Promoter’s own initial purchase of products.

2. The accumulation of PQV from more than one of the

Promoter’s own orders.

3. The sale of products to Customer.

4. Any combination of the above three scenarios


*It is important to note that no more than 40% of PQV requirement can come from Promoter's own orders, including initial, one-time and SmartShip orders.

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