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Where is my order?

  1. Log in to your Cloud account (
  2. Click Manage 
  3. Click Order History
  4. Once your order has shipped, you may view the tracking number, or click the 'Truck' icon for more information.

As we navigate global shipping delays, please be prepared that some shipping may be delayed. To keep your shopping experience worry-free, here are a few things we're doing to keep you informed:

  • If individual products are delayed, their estimated shipping date will now show in red in the Prüvit Store of your Cloud office.
  • We are splitting some delayed orders for faster shipment, so your order may arrive in separate packages.
  • If your order is delayed, or split for faster shipment, you may see "automated hold" on your order, or "canceled shipment" on your tracking details. No need to worry, your order is not canceled; the original tracking has just become VOID during the delay. You will receive a new updated tracking number when your order ships.
  • Prüvit HQ and the Support Team are working diligently to also update individual users on their orders. Please confirm your notifications from Prüvit are on and your email and/or phone carrier are not flagging Prüvit messages as spam, so we can BETTER communicate shipping updates!


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