I am a promoter and would like to change to customer status.

In order to update your user status from promoter to customer, please open a Support ticket here.

Please be advised that once your account has been reverted to the customer level, your downline will be compressed to your current sponsor. Once processed, this action cannot be reversed. When you revert your account, you will forfeit all commissions. 

A Promoter who has voluntarily terminated is not eligible to reapply for a position or have any financial interest in a or any Pruvit business for (6) months from the receipt of the written notice of termination.    

Please note that even though you have resigned your position from Pruvit you still must abide by the policy regarding 3.6: A Pruvit Promoter and/or Customer may participate in other direct sales, multilevel, network marketing or relationship marketing business ventures or marketing opportunities, as long as it is not a Competing Product as defined herein. Additionally, during the term of the Prüver Agreement and for six (6) months thereafter, a Pruvit Promoter may not recruit any fellow Pruvit Promoter or Customer for any direct sales or network marketing business, unless that fellow Promoter or Customer was personally sponsored by such Promoter. If this policy is violated, Prüvit may take further action.

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