How to get free product

Customers and Promoters can earn free product by simply setting up a SmartShip order and referring 2 different Customers who do the same. You will receive the average of your 2 highest personally referred Customer orders in the form of Prüvit Bucks.

In addition to earned Prüvit Bucks, SmartShip customers are also eligible to earn a Free Mystery Gift after every 3 months of consecutive active SmartShip orders, shipped with their 4th month’s order. Depending on your market, you could receive 1 box of Prüvit technology, one of Prüvit’s new gusset bags of KETO//OS NAT®, or Prüvit Bucks. *Please note that Free Mystery Gifts vary from month to month, with no defined quantity or value. During this Pre-Launch phase in EU and UK markets, the Free Gift will be Prüvit Bucks until further notice.

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