How to get free product


The average of the 2 largest orders are awarded as Prüvit Bucks, which will be automatically applied to your SmartShip order.
*Orders placed by Customers within 30 days of joining (Customer NV) and Smartship orders are valid.


How do I get free product?

Customers and Promoters can earn free product by simply setting up a SmartShip order and then referring 2 different Customers who do the same. You will receive the average of your 2 highest personally referred Customer orders in the form of Prüvit Bucks.

In addition to earned Prüvit Bucks, SmartShip customers are also eligible to earn a Free Mystery Gift after every 3 months of consecutive active SmartShip orders (50 BV Minimum each before PB are applied), shipped with their 4th month’s order. Depending on your market, you could receive 1 box of Prüvit technology, one of Prüvit’s new gusset bags of KETO//OS NAT®, or Prüvit Bucks. *Please note that Free Mystery Gifts vary from month to month, with no defined quantity or value. 


How do Prüvit Bucks work?

Customers and Promoters can use their Prüvit Bucks on approved products for one-time and recurring SmartShip orders.* You just pay for the tax and shipping. 

Partial Prüvit Bucks can be applied to the sub total (excluding tax and shipping), and the remaining balance, including tax and shipping, will be paid with the credit card on file. Credit card on file is required to process tax and shipping.

*Your SmartShip order will automatically use Prüvit Bucks if you have the entire, or partial value in your wallet, up to a maximum of $500; ONLY IF you have 2 Active SmartShip Customers.



  1. Endorsement Bonus does not cover the cost of sales tax or shipping.
  2. For Eligibility Requirement, orders placed by Customers within 30 days of joining (Customer NV), and Smartship orders are valid.
  3. Both (2) Customer orders must be placed in the same calendar month to earn Prüvit Bucks for a given period.
  4. If you have more than two valid customers orders, the two largest orders placed within the current month will be used to calculate your Prüvit Bucks.
  5. Only 1 order per customer will be applied to the qualification. In the event a customer has multiple orders, the highest value order will be used.
  6. Orders that qualify towards the Endorsement Bonus do not get counted towards the Retailer Bonus or Residual Commissions.
  7. Promoters and Customers must maintain Active SmartShip order during the Pending Period, or the Endorsement Bonus for previous qualifying cycle will not be paid out.
  8. Orders that use Prüvit Bucks for the complete value of the order will NOT count as a qualifying order towards the Endorsement Bonus. Orders that use Prüvit Bucks for partial value of the order will have the qualifying value of that order reduced in proportion.
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