Update Shipping Address

  1. Login to your Cloud account (https://cloud.justpruvit.com
  2. Click Manage
  3. Click Profiles
  4. While in Profiles, scroll down to the address section and click the plus sign (+) to "Add New Address"
  5. Enter the new shipping address and click "Create"

If you want your SmartShip order to go to the new shipping address, click "Edit" next to your SmartShip, and choose the newly added address from the dropdown menu. Make sure to click the "Update Address" button to apply it.

Please mark the address DEFAULT where you wish to receive mailings from Prüvit HQ. This includes pre-event mailers, recognition gifts, and holiday goodies from our Prüvit HEART team. 

Please note, you can have multiple saved addresses in your Cloud account. Each user is responsible for updating the correct shipping information for one-time product orders, automatic SmartShip orders, as well as their DEFAULT address for gifts.

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