Using Your Prüvit Bucks

Prüvit Bucks can be turned into Coupon Codes which can be redeemed by either yourself of anyone who you give it to. This can be a great way to introduce someone to the Prüvit family.

Here are some points to remember about the Pruvit Bücks Coupon System.

Orders placed using Prüvit Bucks will NOT contribute any volume towards commissions (0 BV).

Prüvit Bucks can be used as partial payment.

For example, if your order is $100 (plus tax and shipping), you could use a 25PB coupon to reduce the cost to $75. Please note, the BV will be discounted by the same proportion that the cost is.

→ Prüvit Bucks are not available storewide.

Step 1

Firstly, you’ll open your Wallet to create a Coupon Code. Open the ‘Manage’ menu item in the top right.

Click Wallet



Step 2

If you have already earned Prüvit Bucks, you will see your ‘Points Wallet’ here.

Click View



Step 3

Now you can click on the ‘Coupons’ tab.

Your created coupons will show up in the 'Available Coupons' panel. Keep track of used coupons under 'Used coupons'.

There is a coupon redemption limit of 250PB per, user per week.


Step 4

Input how many Prüvit Bucks you would like to assign to this coupon.





Step 5

Now you can see your new Coupon under ‘Available Coupons’. Click the arrow on the right to expand and reveal the Coupon Code.



Step 6

Now you have a Coupon Code ready to use. Highlight the Coupon Code and ‘copy’, (Mac: Command + C / Windows: Ctrl + C) this will make it easy to paste in the Checkout or send to a friend.

If you want to delete or edit an existing coupon, you can simply click the ‘Recycle’ button, before it gets used.


Step 7

When you, or the person you sent the code to, visits the Checkout they will see a ‘Coupon Code’ section to input the Coupon Code. Simply click inside the box and ‘paste’ (Mac: Command + V/ Windows: Ctrl + V)

Assuming it is a valid Coupon Code, it will display the details under the Add Coupon button and the discount will be applied to the summary.

Please note: Prüvit Bucks cannot be used to pay for tax and shipping.

Checkout Screen



Congratulations, now you know how to create and redeem Prüvit Buck Coupon Codes.
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