Prüvit Daily Pay Guide


GET PAID every day

Just imagine, register a new promoter who purchases a pack, and receive $$$ that day!

  • Daily Pay is not a new reward period or bonus.
  • It is payment in advance for rewards earned in the current Weekly Period.
  • Amounts already paid via Daily Pay will be deducted from your Weekly Reward earnings.

How to qualify

  • Minimum 100PQV in the last month
  • Achieve at least Rank 2
  • Active Smartship order
  • First Smartship order processed

The fastest way to get Daily Pay:

✅  When you register make sure you place a one-time/immediate order +

✅  When you register, also set up a Smartship order which will process in 30 days +

✅  Hit your Go Pro Bonus

By default, Daily Pay will pay up to 80% of the reward value daily. The remaining 20% will be paid with weekly rewards. This % may increase, or decrease, depending on refunded orders within your Community. Refunds/Chargebacks are accounted for in Daily Pay payments and will be applied accordingly at the time of payout. This may result in a different amount being paid to what was estimated in the Cloud. Daily Pay will be suspended if there are 3 directly enrolled refunds within a weekly period.

Please download the 'Daily Pay Guide' PDF in your preferred region & language.


US, Canada, Australia & New Zealand


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