Prüformance Rewards Program Guide Introduction


Better Rewards. Better You.

Prüver partner,

Welcome to Prüvit Prüformance Rewards.

Our cloud based company is designed to be more efficient and effective with less overhead, which enables us to pay out more commissions to our community. Prüvit believes that the strength of the company is our community and the people that drive our message, products and programs. This is where we want the rewards to go. 

Our philosophy is very simple.  We don’t want to sell our product, we want to inspire people to pursue better with stories that you create.  Selling a product is one thing, however, building a brand is another. To build a competitive, relevant brand, we knew we had to look further than just a product; we had to envision a larger purpose, a deeper reason for what we were doing. 

The Prüvit Prüformance Rewards is designed to incentivize you to help socialize our stories and product with others and reward you for your reach and the ripple effect that you create.  We all have value in today’s marketplace and should be rewarded for our influence.

We designed the program for the average person that wants to make a full time income.  Our goal is to help more people go full time faster than any other company in the marketplace and in that same spirit, we’ve designed multiple Go Challenge resources to support your ambition as you launch your new business.

The power of the Prüformance Rewards includes incentives to get everyone to “GO” and get started. Let’s dive in, learn more, and pursue better together every day. 

Simple, aggressive and powerful!

All the best,
Your Prüvit Team





Ways to Get Paid
Ranks and Qualifications
Placement Lounge

The GO Challenge
Go MVP Bonus

MVP Multiplier Bonus
Go All-Star Bonus
Go Fast Bonus
VIP Bonus
Retailer Bonus

Champion Car Bonus

Residual Commission
Champion Bonus
Residual Match

Additional Footnotes and Disclosures


Download a printable PDF version here.





Anyone can join Prüvit as a customer by purchasing a product. 
NOTE: There is a limit of 1 customer account per household.

SmartShip Customers
Customers with a recurring order will achieve SmartShip Customer status, which carries additional benefits as detailed in the VIP Club.



Anyone who wants to earn rewards by referring customers and Promoters can enroll as a Promoter by paying the annual membership fee of $49 USD. Your annual Promoter membership unlocks the Prüvit Promoter Cloud which allows you to track your progress in the Prüformance Rewards Program, plus the associated business tools.



A Promoter is qualified to earn if they meet a minimum of 50PQV*, during the current Qualifying Cycle and maintain Engaged status:

A Promoter is Engaged, if they HAVE qualified for minimum PQV in the current qualifying month.

A Promoter is NOT Engaged, if they have NOT qualified in the previous 31-day qualification cycles.

*No more than 40% of PQV requirement can come from Promoter’s own orders, including initial, one-time and SmartShip orders.

Some bonuses have specific qualification requirements that a Promoter must meet to qualify for that specific bonus.



All bonuses are calculated on either a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual period (depending on the bonus) and payment is based on the final rank/position of the qualifying period.

A pay “week” begins at 12:00am Monday morning and ends at 11:59pm the following Sunday. Times are based on Prüvit Rewards Time Zone (RTZ) as displayed inside the Prüvit Cloud (

  • All weekly commissions will be calculated and paid on the following Friday
  • All volume adjustments due to failed credit card charges, product refunds, etc. that occur between Monday and Friday, and that are applicable to orders processed or bonus qualifications met during the previous week, will be factored into all commission calculations for that week.

A pay “month” is based on a calendar month.

  • All monthly commissions will be calculated and paid on the 15th of the following month.
  • All volume adjustments due to failed credit card charges, product refunds, etc. that occur during this 15 day period, and that are applicable to orders processed during the previous month, will be factored into all commission calculations for that month.



Sponsorship Tree: The entire downline hierarchy based on all personally enrolled Promoters being put on only the first level. Therefore, does not include those sponsored by an Upline Promoter.

Placement Tree: The entire downline hierarchy based on how all Promoters are positioned, including those who have been sponsored by an Upline Promoter and “placed”.



BV (Bonus Value): The points assigned to all commissionable products - used to calculate commissions earned.

QV (Qualification Value): The points assigned to all commissionable products - used to determine qualified rank.

PQV (Personal Qualifying Volume): The total amount of Qualification Value (QV) produced by the Promoter from his/her personal purchases and from sales to their Customers. PQV is one of the primary factors in determining personal income qualifications. PQV is calculated by looking back 31 days, providing members with a 1 day grace period.

PTV (Personal Team Volume): The total QV within a given qualification period in the first level of a Promoter’s Sponsorship Tree. Includes volume from personally enrolled Customers and Promoters. But NOT volume from the Customers of personally enrolled Promoters. PTV does NOT include QV from a Promoter’s own purchases.

NPQV (New Personal Qualifying Volume): The QV from one-time orders placed during the first 30 days of new personally enrolled Customers and Promoters AND/OR volume from the 1st SS processed. The 30 days starts with their first order, setting up their first SmartShip or placing their first order (or SS order) in the last 12+ months. When a Customer upgrades to a Promoter, this triggers a new 30 day period where such orders will be included in NPQV. Used only as a qualifier for certain bonuses.

GV (Group Volume): The total QV within a given qualification period in the Placement Tree; includes volume of the entire group (including the promoter's own personal orders).

GBV (Group Bonus Volume): The total BV within a given qualification period in the Placement Tree; includes volume of the entire group (including the promoter's own personal orders).

TV (Team Volume): The total QV within a given qualification period in the first three levels of a Promoter’s Sponsorship Tree, in addition to QV from the Promoter’s own personally enrolled Customers. TV also includes QV from orders of Customers enrolled by Promoters on your first three levels). TV does NOT include QV from a Promoter’s own purchases.



Achieved Rank: The highest rank ever achieved by a Promoter. A Promoter will always be referenced by this rank, which is permanently assigned for as long as they remain engaged.

Paid Rank: The rank the Promoter qualified for in that particular week or month, which is the rank they are paid at. NOTE: Your monthly Paid Rank is confirmed on the 15th of the following month, after the 15 day Pending Period to process any refunds on orders placed in the previous month.

Current Rank: The rank a Promoter is currently qualified at DURING the pay period, before it ends. This rank could go up or down once the period and Pending period ends.





Go MVP Bonus (GMB)
3 chances to earn! Pays a cash bonus and unlocks accelerated Go Fast Bonuses. It is based on New Personal Qualifying Volume (NPQV) and 3 NEW unique personal customers within one of three 30 day qualification periods.



MVP Multiplier Bonus (MM)
Hit the Go MVP qualifiers in any month following your original Go MVP period(s) to earn additional cash. Power Up for 3 consecutive months to multiply your cash.

Go All-Star Bonus (GAB)
Pays a cash bonus based on developing 4 MVPs within 120 days following the start of the Go Challenge.

Go Fast Bonus (GFB)
A weekly bonus that pays on all commissionable orders placed during the first 30 days of new, personally enrolled Promoters.

VIP Bonus (VIP)
Earn bonus cash for building a foundation of personal VIP Customers.  

Retailer Bonus (RB)
Pays a percentage of all BV produced by personally enrolled Customers, based on the number of Customers enrolled.



Champion Car Bonus (CCB) 
Prüvit will pay up to $800 towards a luxury car for all Promoters who achieve, and maintain, at least Rank 6 for 2+ consecutive months.



Residual Commission (RC)
A monthly commission based on the percentage of BV that occurs on up to the first eleven levels of the Placement Tree. 

Champion Bonus (RCB)
In addition to the Residual Commission, the Champion Bonus offers a percentage of BV that occurs from unlimited levels of Promoters one to five Generations deep following the Sponsorship Tree.

Residual Match (RM)
A percentage of the RC earned by all those Promoters which contribute towards a Promoter’s Team Volume (TV). That is, within the Promoter’s first three levels, based on Sponsorship Tree.



Prüvit runs exciting, regular contests and promotions.
Make sure you download the Prüvit Pulse App to keep in the loop. Available on iPhone and Android.





All rank qualifications and commissions in Prüvit Prüformance Rewards are based on the QV (Qualification Value) assigned to all commissionable products sold.

Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV) is earned from:

  1. The Promoter’s own initial purchase of products.
  2. The accumulation of PQV from more than one of the Promoter’s own orders.
  3. The sale of products to Customer.
  4. Any combination of the above three scenarios.

Team Volume (TV) is calculated by:

  1. The total QV within a given qualification period in the first three levels of a Promoter’s Sponsorship Tree, in addition to QV from the Promoter’s own personally enrolled Customers.
  2. TV is compressed based on Promoter engaged status.
  3. TV does not include personal orders.

Group Volume (GV) is recalculated based on a calendar month, based on a Promoter’s Placement Tree (including personal orders) at the conclusion of the month:

  1. GV is based on the QV within a given qualification period in the Placement Tree.
  2. All GV is reset at the beginning of each new month.
  3. No GV is ever carried over.
  4. Refunded items that produce GV are deducted from the monthly GV total in which the original order was placed.

70% Rule: 
No more than 70% of your GV can come from one team. A team is any personally enrolled Promoter's entire Community volume. 


Pending Period: 
Your monthly Paid Rank is confirmed on the 15th of the following month, after a 15 day true-up (Pending Period). All volume adjustments due to failed credit card charges, product refunds, etc. that occur during this 15 day period, and that are applicable to orders processed during the previous month, will be factored into all rank qualification and commission calculations for that month. 

R1 – Prüver 50 200 250
1 Star – R1   250 350
2 Star – R1   300 500
3 Star – R1   350 1,000
R2 – Prüver 50 500 1,500
1 Star – R2   1,000 2,500
2 Star – R2   1,500 3,500
3 Star – R2   2,000 4,500
R3 – Prüver 50 2,500 5,000
1 Star – R3   3,000 6,000
2 Star – R3   3,500 7,000
3 Star – R3   4,000 8,000
R4 – Prüver 100 5,000 10,000
1 Star – R4   5,500 12,500
2 Star – R4   6,000 15,000
3 Star – R4   6,500 17,500
R5 – Prüver 100 7,500 20,000
1 Star – R5   9,000 22,500
2 Star – R5   11,000 25,000
3 Star – R5   13,000 27,500
Circle of Champions
R6 – Champion 200 15,000 30,000
1 Star – R6   17,500 45,000
2 Star – R6   20,000 60,000
3 Star – R6   25,000 75,000
R7 – 100k Champion 200 30,000 100,000
1 Star – R7   35,000 125,000
2 Star – R7   40,000 150,000
3 Star – R7   45,000 200,000
R8 – 250k Champion 200 50,000 250,000
1 Star – R8   60,000 350,000
2 Star – R8   70,000 450,000
3 Star – R8   85,000 600,000
R9 – 750k Champion 200 100,000 750,000
1 Star – R9   125,000 800,000
2 Star – R9   150,000 850,000
3 Star – R9   175,000 925,000
R10 – 1m Champion 200 250,000 1,000,000
Legend 200 300,000 2,000,000
      plus develop 1 current R10 1m Champion in the first 3 levels of your Sponsor Tree (Team)




The Placement Lounge feature is an incredible tool, providing strategic team building placement. The Placement Lounge allows you to create collaborative synergies with Prüvers that you think would benefit from being on the same team. Reward those that deserve it by helping them grow their teams as well as advance to higher ranks. 

The key to using your Placement Lounge is to sponsor personally every month and create new Prüver’s that you can hold in the Placement Lounge. Create momentum by helping them GO FAST so you build volume that you can then place on the team of your choice.  This also allow the new Prüver Promoters to to gain additional support by teams that are already in place. Remember, take your time.  Once the Prüver Promoters in your Placement Lounge are placed they CAN NOT be moved again. NO EXCEPTIONS!


When you personally enroll Prüver Promoters, they are automatically placed in your Placement Lounge for up to 6 months, which is also on your 1st level of your Residual Commissions. During that time, you (the sponsor) has the option to place the new Promoter into an open position in an existing leg in their Placement Tree. Allowing you to place a new Promoter in an open position in the Placement Tree provides an opportunity to increase the sales volume in an existing leg that is already in place. Any volume associated with the Promoter, at the time of the move, also moves with the that person. 

If you decide to not move any of your Promoters in the Placement Lounge, or if the 6 months expires, they will be permanently left on your 1st level. Rank advancement and Residual Commissions are based on the sales volume in the Placement Tree. Again, All moves are FINAL.

Placement Lounge is only available to Promoters who have achieved MVP status. This can be earned via the Go MVP Bonus and/or the MVP Multiplier.


Note: BV/QV moves with Promoter when they are placed, but it only moves inside the Placement Tree, NOT the Sponsorship Tree.



Unique Personally Enrolled Customers

The footnotes below pertain to all 'Unique Personally Enrolled Customer' qualifiers.

  1. If a Customer enrolls and places an order, then within the same month formally resigns their Customer membership, this Customer will still count towards the enroller’s Customer total for that month. 
  2. Only one personally enrolled Customer from the same household is counted towards a Promoter’s total Customer count. However, more than one Promoter may count multiple Customers from the same household, as long as each Customer has a unique enroller. 
  3. Unique households are based on the address profile of Customers.
  4. If a Customer places an order then at least 2 hours later in the same month enrolls as a Promoter, the Customer will still count towards the Customer total of the Promoter who enrolled them as a Customer regardless of who subsequently enrolled them as a Promoter. If this Customer enrolls as a Promoter less than 2 hours after they enrolled as a Customer, then the order will be converted to a Promoter order, and will not count towards the total Customer count.
  5. If an Engaged Promoter (at least 50 PQV) is converted to a Customer during the month, per the Customer status rule, this Customer will count towards their enroller’s Customer total.


Go Fast Bonus

  1. SmartShip orders are not counted towards the Go Fast Bonus. 
  2. 30 days starts from date of enrollment.
  3. Any product order with a BV value is applicable.
  4. All Commission Qualified Promoters are eligible for the Go Fast Bonus regardless of rank.
  5. Go Fast Bonus payouts are based on the Sponsorship Tree.
  6. BV of all applicable orders is only applied to the Go Fast Bonus, and does not contribute BV to any other bonus.
  7. If the Promoter who has qualified for a Go Fast Bonus is not Engaged, his/her GFB will roll up (based on line of sponsorship) to find the next Qualified and Engaged Promoter.
      • Example: Promoter-A sponsors Promoter-B who sponsors Promoter-C who sponsors Promoter-D. If Promoter-C does not qualify for a $40 GFB he could have earned from Promoter-D’s first order, then Promoter-B would receive this $40 GFB. If Promoter-B is not Engaged then the GFB rolls on up to Promoter-A.
      • Only the Standard % Go Fast Bonus rolls up, not the increased percentages based on Go MVP Bonus being achieved.
  8. Orders paid via the Go Fast Bonus will not be included in Residual Bonuses.


Income Claims

Where income examples are used, they are just examples. There is no assurance you’ll do as well. If you rely upon our figures; you must accept the risk of not doing as well there can be no assurance that any prior successes, or past results, as to income earnings, can be used as an indication of your future success or results.

Monetary and income results are based on many factors. We have no way of knowing how well that you will do, as we do not know you, your background, your work ethic, or your business skills or practices. Therefore we do not guarantee or imply that you will win any incentives or prizes that may be offered, get rich, that you will do as well, or make any money at all. There is no assurance that you will do as well. If you rely on our figures; you must accept the risk of not doing as well.


Personal Purchases

No feature of the Rewards Program constitutes a personal purchase requirement to become a Prüver, move up in rank in or otherwise fully participate in the Rewards Program. No product purchase is required of anyone at any time to fully participate as a Prüver. The Rewards Program is built on retail sales to Customers. Prüvit recognizes that Prüvers may wish to purchase product either for resale or, in reasonable amounts, for personal or family use. Pursuant to Pruvit’s terms, policies and procedures, the purchase of products primarily as an attempt to qualify for advancement in the Rewards Program is not permitted. Prüvers are prohibited from (1) buying excessive inventory or encouraging others to do so, and (2) representing that there is any obligation to personally purchase products, 


Personal Enrollment

Any reference to “personally enrolling/sponsoring” is simply descriptive of the method of building a community, ie. personally enrolling other participants into the community.  The phrase is not intended to imply any connection between the simple act of recruitment, sponsorship, or enrollment, and payment of compensation.”



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