July Catalyst // Month 3

Your Catalyst Challenge charges on! Keep Leveling UP to get to your $10,000 BONUS! 🦏 


Month 3

If you earned the Catalyst Month 1 bonus in May AND the Catalyst Month 2 bonus in June, then MONTH 3 of the Catalyst Challenge is for YOU! 


  1. Enroll 7 New Personal SmartShip Customers (Each with a minimum 50 BV AND an active 50 BV SmartShip)
  2. Enroll 4 New Personally Sponsored Promoters with an Active SmartShip (Each with a minimum 50 BV AND an active 50 BV SmartShip)
  3. Complete DAILY habits on the Prüvit Every Day app, including sharing your progress on ANY social platform with #PruvitEveryDay (30-day streak minimum required before August 31st)
  4. Contribute to the community by commenting on a @JustPruvit social post each day

Catalyst Month 3 qualifiers will earn $500 for qualifying in July, $500 after all 12 SmartShips run in August (personal and newly enrolled), AND $10,000 guaranteed.

Please note, your July SmartShip must process and your 30-day Streak must be complete in order to officially qualify for the July (month 3) Catalyst bonus.

Starts: July 1 @ 12:01 AM CT // Ends July 31 @ 11:59 PM CT


  • June Month 2 Catalyst qualifiers from all markets are eligible to participate in Month 3. 
  • Earn $500 USD on top of commission when you complete all 4 steps below:
  • Enroll 7 New Personal Customers with active SmartShips: Each with a minimum 50 BV AND an active SmartShip of at least 50 BV. Initial order in July and SmartShip in August.
  • Customers of Customers do not count towards Qualifier.
  • “What if I skip a day using the skip feature in-app?” Manually skipped days in-app will count toward your streak. 
  • Promo 2986: Terms and conditions apply.
  • Weekly periods 1591–1603 and monthly periods #236–238 are to be included in total.
  • For new enrollees, the start date is the day they enroll. Active SmartShips must be maintained through the month of August 2021.
  • These promotions are intended to be fun and fair.
  • Bonus buying and creating new accounts to hit promos will not be tolerated and is actively monitored by our advanced Bonus Buying Hawk. Anyone found to be bonus buying will be immediately suspended without pay.


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