Section 3: Leadership Rewards (EU)



Prüvit will pay up to 680 € towards the monthly lease or purchase of a luxury car to all Promoters who achieve, and maintain, at least Rank 6.

Who is eligible Qualified and Engaged Promoters
Qualifying cycle Total of 2 consecutive calendar months
Pay period Monthly
What you will receive Up to 680 € towards the monthly lease of a luxury car
Car Lease Tokens (CLT) 1 CLT is earned each month you qualify for payment. Upon approval of your submitted lease/purchase documentation, the CLT will be converted to dollars in your Cash Wallet, based on the amount indicated on your proof of lease/purchase documentation.
Eligibility requirements  
– Paid As Rank Achieve and maintain Rank 6 or higher
  Rank 6 = 200PQV / 15,000TV / 30,000 GV
  After 2 consecutive months of achieving Rank 6 or higher, you will receive your first CCB
  Then just maintain Rank 6 or higher to continue receiving the CCB

Scenario: Promoter-A earns Rank-7 in January. In February, Promoter-A earns Rank-6. At the conclusion of February Promoter-A will earn the Champion Car Bonus. Following February, Promoter-A will continue to receive the CCB as long as they maintain Rank 6. 

If Promoter-A falls to Rank-5, 50% of their payment will be covered for up to 2 months. Read details below for more information.

  1. The car must be less than 3 years old at the time of purchase or lease. 
  2. You must submit your car information for approval to Prüvit HQ by email ( Please fill in the form available in the Cloud. We strongly suggest you do this PRIOR to signing purchase/lease papers as payments will only commence once approved by Prüvit HQ.
  3. The car, new or used, must be a new purchase or lease made no earlier than 90 prior to earning a Car Lease Token (CLT).
  4. Car Lease Tokens (CLT) can be redeemed up to 30 days after they are paid out via Monthly Rewards, on the 15th of every month. Car Lease Tokens (CLT) earned more than 30 days ago cannot be redeemed.
  5. Acceptance of a CCB in the form of an auto lease/purchase payment is not mandatory. 
    1. There is no cash option (discounted or otherwise) available to the Promoter.
  6. If a CCB recipient falls to a Paid Rank of Rank-5, 50% of their payment will be covered for a maximum of two additional months.
    1. If the Promoter has not again achieved Rank-6 after this two month period, the CB payment will cease.
    2. If the Promoter falls to Rank-4 at any time, all 50% CCB payments will cease permanently.
        • Example: As a “Car Qualified” Rank-6, Promoter-A receives a full CCB in January, but then falls to Rank-5 in February, then Rank-4 in March, then Rank-5 in April. Promoter-A will earn a 50% CCB in February. No further CCB will be paid. That is, even getting back to Rank-5 within two months of losing the full CCB will not regain the 50% CCB due to his previous month’s drop to Rank-4.
    3. If a Promoter ever loses their CCB (i.e. is no longer “Car Qualified”), they can re-qualify for the full CCB by again achieving Rank 6.
        • Once a Promoter regains the full CCB (after having previously lost it), they are also again eligible for the two months of half-CCB as a Rank-5.
            • Therefore, it would be possible for a Promoter to alternate between Rank-6 and Rank-5 every other month in perpetuity and receive alternating 100% and 50% Champion Car Bonuses.
    4. In those months in which a Promoter earns a 50% CCB they will be required to cover the other 50%, or may elect to return the vehicle, thus canceling all CCB payments.
    5. Promoters who cease to be “Car Qualified” (i.e. fall to Rank-4 or below) will always be allowed the option of assuming full financial responsibility for the vehicle.
  7. Any Prüver that earns the Champion Car Bonus must have a valid driver’s license, maintain all insurance required by law, and is responsible for all costs associated with the qualifying vehicle, including payments, fees, insurance, taxes, gasoline and maintenance.




Pays a percentage of the BV of the sale of Certification Digital Products.




Who is eligible Affiliates, Promoters and Certified Coaches
Qualifying cycle Ongoing bonus with no time limit
Pay period Weekly


Enroller / Closest Certified Coach Payouts
Occurs When a Promoter purchases and completes Digital Certification Course
What you will receive up to €255
Eligibility Requirements  
Affiliate Qualified Affiliate with purchase
Promoter Engaged Promoter
Closest Certified Coach Engaged Promoter; Completed Digital Certification Course
Rank No minimum rank requirement


Closest Rank 6-10 Certified Coach Payouts
Occurs When  
a Promoter purchases and completes a Digital Certification Course
Has 10 total unique personally enrolled Customers who place a commissionable order within last 30 days (no minimum volume)
What you will receive up to €382.50; Rank overrides available
  *Percentage paid for each level and generation are based on Rank
Eligibility Requirements  
Closest Certified Coach Purchase and pass Digital Certifiication Course
Total Unique personally enrolled Customers who place a commissionable order Qty 10 (no minimum volume) within last 30 days
Paid as Rank previous month or Current Weekly Rank Rank 6 or higher
  1. Follows Sponsorship Tree
  2. Bonus paid when:
    a. Affiliate/Promoter/Closest Certified Coach can receive bonus when the purchaser completes the training.
    b. Rank 6-Rank 10 Generational bonuses can be paid once the purchaser completes the training AND 10 unique customer orders within the last 31 days .
    c. It is possible for Affiliate/Promoter/Closest CC is paid in a different weekly period than the Rank 6-Rank 10 generational bonuses.
  3. The Certification products can be sold BY any user type. Affiliates and Promoters are eligible to earn Personal Certification Bonus Commissions.
    a. If a Customer refers a Promoter who purchases and becomes a Certified Coach, the bonus will be paid to the first eligible Affiliate, Promoter or Certified Coach up the Sponsorship tree.
  4. Closest Certified Coach will be the first eligible Certified Coach up the Sponsorship tree from the Promoter who purchases and becomes certified. The enroller is eligible to earn this additional % if they are certified.
  5. Upline Rank bonuses will be paid to the first eligible Certified Coach at the appropriate rank up the Sponsorship tree from the Promoter who purchases and becomes certified. The enroller is eligible to earn this additional % if they are certified.
  6. Rank is based on the greater of the paid as rank for the previous month, or the current rank at the end of the weekly qualifying period once all qualifications have been met.
  7. Certified Coaches can accumulate rank bonuses that are available - have not been paid to a Certified Coach closer to the Promoter who purchased the product
    a. Only one Certified Coach can be paid Rank 6 bonus. If the next person up the Sponsorship tree from the enroller, for example, is a Rank 7 Certified Coach, the Rank 7 Certified Coach will receive both the €42.50 Rank 6 payout and the €34 Rank 7 payout.
  8. A Certified Coach can not receive more than one Generation payout for any single Rank.
    a. If a Rank 7 Certified Coach receives the Rank 7 Generation 1 payout, they cannot also receive the Rank 7 Generation 2 payout.
  9. Unique personally enrolled Customers qualier:
    a. Refer to Additional Footnotes and Disclosures section for footnotes.


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