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The Go Challenge is the fastest way to kick-off your Prüvit Promoter journey. It gives you quick cash and a solid foundation for a prosperous, long-term business.

We also have you covered with an optional 14 day ‘settling in’ period while you learn the ropes and receive your first shipment of product. You can refer a customer or promoter and GO at any time during this 14 days.

To ensure you don’t miss out on counting Volume towards your Go Challenge, the Challenge will automatically start when your personally enrolled customer or promoter places a NPQV order (one-time order OR first time SmartShip within the first 30 days of signing up).

READY. SET. GO! £ ££  £££ ££££
Become a
Start Go
Earn Go MVP Cycle 1 Bonus Earn Go MVP Cycle 2 Bonus Earn Go MVP Cycle 3 Bonus Earn Go All-Star Bonus

When you Join or Upgrade as a Promoter, you have 14 full days to start your Go Challenge. If you have not started it by having a personally enrolled customer or Promoter that places a NPQV order (one-time order OR first time SmartShip within the first 30 days of signing up), it will automatically begin.




3 chances to earn! Pays a cash bonus and unlocks accelerated Go Fast Bonuses. It is based on New Personal Qualifying Volume (NPQV) and 3 NEW unique personal customers within one of three 30 day qualification periods.

Who is eligible Qualified and Engaged Promoters
Qualifying cycle 3 consecutive cycles - up to 30 full days each - following the start of the Go Challenge
Pay period Weekly
What you will receive One-time £385 cash bonus, per cycle achieved
  Level 4 at 5% will be added to Go Fast Bonus *
  Level 2 and 3 of Go Fast Bonus doubled
(Level 2 = 10%, Level 3 = 20%) *
Eligibility requirements  
– New Personal Qualifying Volume (NPQV) 2000 QV
– NEW unique personally enrolled Customers (who place a commissionable order) Qty 4 (no minimum volume)
*To maintain MVP qualifications for GFB, you must maintain 50 PQV (verified weekly)
  1. During the 1st cycle only, up to 500QV of the Promoter’s personal purchases will count towards the NPQV qualifier.
  2. If you achieve Cycle 1 or 2 prior to the 30 days expiring, the next cycle begins at the start of the next weekly qualifying cycle (Monday), following the week in which prior cycle was earned.
  3. If your 30 days expires without achievement, the next cycle starts the day following the expiry.
  4. £385 cash bonus is paid the following weekly pay period within which the Go MVP Bonus was achieved.
  5. The Accelerated Go Fast Bonus (payout) will commence at the start of the next weekly qualifying cycle, following the week in which the Accelerated Go Fast Bonus was earned.
      • The Accelerated Go Fast Bonus will be permanent for as long as the Promoter maintains MVP status.
      • Must maintain 50 PQV in a given week after qualifying for the MVP Multiplier to remain MVP qualified.
      • If you miss the 50 PQV qualifier in a given week, after qualifying for MVP status, you will need to re-qualify for the MVP Multiplier in order to regain MVP status.
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