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Commit to the Core4 Challenge

To officially begin, share your Core4 Commitment on your Social Media with #PruvitCore4. Be sure to tag @justpruvit and at least 2 friends to challenge them to join you on the journey.



Complete the following to start your #PruvitCore4 Challenge!

Share your Core4 Commitment*
To officially begin, share your Core4 Commitment on your Social Media with #PruvitCore4. Be sure to @tag @justPruvit and at least 2 Friends to challenge them to join you in the journey.

“I accept the Core4 Challenge! My goal is to complete the Core4 Steps,  4 Days a week, for the next 4 Weeks. I Challenge You to join me on this Journey #PrüvitCore4
@friendone @friendtwo @justPruvit”

Order Your Prüvit Technology
Order enough of your favorite Prüvit Ketones to drink them 1-2x day. Incorporate more Prüvit Technology (like Mito//Plex, KETO//OS PRØ, 24Fast, and coming soon - Prüvit Meals & Snacks!) for even BETTER results. Get with your Prüvit Sponsor for recommendations.

Download the Prüvit Every Day (P.ED) App;
Use the P.ED Mobile App to record your daily Core4 steps, track your streak, team up with partners, and share daily progress.

Take your Before Photos
Based on your goal for the next 4 weeks, document your starting point.

Take your before photos, in order to be entered to win. Whether you’re seeking a physical transformation in the way your clothes fit or a mental transformation in the way you see yourself, document your start. Remember to hold your Core4 START Card in your photo and follow the tips below.

Check out the entry process at

You do not have to wait for any set start date, as soon as you have completed the actions above and are ready, START!

The Challenge is to complete the Core4 Steps, at least 4 Days a week, for 4 consecutive weeks. You got this! Go Go GO!

*Please consult your physician before starting any diet or exercise regime

Complete the Core4 Steps

at least 4 days a week, for 4 consecutive weeks.

fire-flame-curved-solid.svg   utensils-alt-solid.svg   person-running-solid.svg   core_4_icons-02.png
your body by drinking 1–2 ketones every day  

your body a healthy, low carb diet

(New Prüvit Meals & Snacks coming soon!)*

  your body and break a sweat at least once a day   your journey by posting on social media with #PruvitCore4
dmo-app-icon.png Download the Prüvit Every Day app to track and share your progress. icons8-app-store.svgicons8-google-play.svg


Celebrate and WIN!

Everyone who completes the Challenge and submits their journey wins...

prize_shaker.png prize_journal.png prize_vote.png prize_drawing.png
Custom Shaker Journey Journal Vote on Future Prüvit Meals & Snacks* Random Monthly Drawing

The most inspiring journey and results WIN

prize_cash_first.png prize_cash_second.png prize_cash_third.png green_plus_circle.png Free Core4 Challenge [2 Boxes of Prüvit technologies with Meals* & Snacks*]
green_plus_circle.png Tasting group for future meals*

Female & Male Categories
*Meals, snacks, and tasting group available to US only. 

To be considered for the first round of Core4 Challenge prizes, you must

✅  Complete the Core4 steps, at least 4 days a week, for 4 consecutive weeks

✅  Have a minimum of 50BV in personal Prüvit orders (One-time and/or SmartShip orders are included) or one box of KETO//OS NAT® or KETO//OS PRO® within the last 60 days (based off the date you complete the Challenge).

✅  Submit your information at by February 28th.

All Prüvit customers and promoters are eligible to enter. Separate winners for both Female + Male categories. All entries will be reviewed by an objective Core4 committee. Spouses can enter individually but prizes will be limited to one per Prüvit account. Winners will be based not only on the results of your challenge but more so on the journey, including what you overcame during this process.


HURRAY! Once you have completed the Core4 Steps, at least 4 Days a week, for 4 consecutive weeks, complete the following to enter to WIN!

Take your BETTER Photos
Are you accomplishing more in your workouts? Maybe you’re smiling more and feeling more confident? It’s time to document your success.

Remember to hold your Core4 FINISH Card in your photo and follow the tips below.  

Enter to Win
Head on over to to submit your journey and be entered to win prizes and rewards.

Start a new Core4 Challenge!

When it comes to your health, there is no finish line. Set a new goal, and start a new Core4 Challenge! We look forward to celebrating you in your journey!

Before / Better Photo Tips

  • Position your camera (or phone) vertically.
  • Wear the same/similar outfit in your photos.
  • Stand in front of a well-lit, solid–colored wall.
  • Face forward and take a full-body photo, including your face, as well as a picture from the back and both sides.
  • Hold your Core4 start / finish card.


Core4 Challenge Zoom

For more information, answers to frequently asked questions, and Core4 Challenge explanation by Prüvit Leaders, check out the video below!



Tools to Share

PDF Downloads:
Starting the Core4 Challenge: Download PDF
Core4 Challenge Summary: Download PDF

Social Media Assets:
Share the Core4 Challenge: Shareables

Additional Core4 Assets
Check out Pulse Pro icons8-app-store.svgicons8-google-play.svg


Frequently Asked Questions

Do SmartShips that process with 0BV (paid with PB) count as a qualifying order for the Core4 Challenge?

Do I need to print out the Start & Finish Card?
No, but you do need to include it in your pictures. Get creative. Use another phone or tablet to show your card. Check out #PruvitCore4 on Facebook & Instagram for inspiration

When do I complete the entry submission form at
After you complete your Core4 Challenge, which is after your 4 weeks have been completed. 

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