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Q: Who can purchase Prüvit Food? 
A: All Prüvers in the contiguous United States. Shop + fill your box here.

Q: Where in the US can Prüvit Food be shipped? 
A: Prüvit is proud to deliver to the majority of zip codes in the continental US, however if we feel we cannot deliver our standard of service due to delivery options, restrictions and/or temperature, you will be alerted during the check out process or from Prüvit Support. 

Q: What payment options are available when ordering Prüvit Meals & Snacks? 
A. Credit/Debit Card, Prüvit Wallet, Sezzle, PayPal. Prüvit Bucks are not applicable as a payment option at this time. Sezzle and PayPal payments require approval before the first SmartShip processes but will not require this approval for each SmartShip to process thereafter. 

Q: What is the minimum number of Prüvit Meals and/or Snacks I can order? 
A: 8. This can be all Meals, or all Snacks, or a combination of the two. We give you the best value, and freshest food, by shipping 8 items per box.

Q: What is the maximum number of Prüvit Meals and/or Snacks I can order? 

A: No maximum. As long as the orders are placed in sets of 8. Note that you will receive your entire order on a weekly basis. 

Q: When do I need to place a new order by, to receive my meals next week?
A: New orders placed by Thursday at 11:59pm CT will ship on Friday and Saturday of that same week.



Q: How frequently do Prüvit Meals & Snacks Ship?
A: Weekly 

Q: I placed my first Meal order, did this automatically set up a SmartShip? 
A: Depends. When you placed your first order you were given the option to place a one time order or setup a weekly recurring SmartShip order. It's your choice!

Q: Do I have to set up a recurring SmartShip when ordering Prüvit Meals & Snacks?
A: No. You can order your Prüvit Meals & Snacks as a recurring SmartShip order or as a one time order. 

Q: How do I update my Prüvit Meals and Snacks SmartShip? 
A: Click here, and simply remove/add the meals or snacks you desire. You can also skip a week by selecting a new ship date. Check out this video to see the process.

Q: When do I need to change the choices I’ve selected in my weekly Prüvit Meals & Snacks SmartShip?
A: You have until Wednesday at 11pm CT to make changes to the following weeks box.

Q: I updated my Food SmartShip, does this change my future Meal SmartShips?
A: This has changed your next order of Prüvit Meals and Snacks. You will have the ability to update your next weekly order each week prior to the next processing date.

Q: I updated my Food SmartShip, does this affect my Prüvit Technologies SmartShips?
A: No. The Food SmartShip is separate from your Prüvit Technology SmartShip. 

Q: Can I change the date of my Meal SmartShip, similar to the SmartShip of my Ketones? Or how would it work?
A: Unfortunately, no. The processing date is fixed on a weekly cycle. You do have the ability to skip a week or cancel the whole SmartShip prior to the next processing date.

Q: What happens when I have an item on SmartShip that goes to off menu?
A: If you do nothing, the item that is going off menu for that week it will automatically be replaced with the new meal being added that week. If you would like to make adjustments, please do so by Wednesday at 11pm CT. 



Q: When do the meals ship every week? 
A: Prüvit Meals and Snacks ship immediately after they are made, sometime between Friday & Sunday each week. Date of manufacture and shipping depends on the delivery address.

Q: Can I ship my Meals and Snacks to a PO Box? 
A: No. PO Boxes are not a shipping option.

Q: How long do the meals stay fresh for?
A: Each Meal & Snack will have a separate expiration date or freeze by date listed on the box. 

Q: How often does the Prüvit Menu change?
A: The Prüvit culinary team is constantly coming up with new recipes. Look forward to new meals & snacks coming up every other week. Refer to to see what's new this week. 

Q: Where can I look at the ingredients and nutrition info for the meals and snacks?
A: On the ordering website, you can hover over each image and select "view details". You can also download this PDF to learn about each offering. Printer-friendly version here.

Q: Is the packaging recyclable? 
A: Yes. The large cardboard box the meals are shipped in is standard recyclable. The insulation can be up-cycled for a multitude of DIY projects or the inside separated from the liner and recycle both through your recycling program. The ice packs can be re-used or separated for the insides to be composted and the liner recycled at a retailer that accepts drop-off bags, wraps, and film.

Q: Do we earn BV for this order? If so, how much per meal/snack/8 pack?
A: Yes, the range of BV is 14 - 18; BV depending on the selections. Snacks = 1.75  Meals = 2.25

Q: How can I submit feedback? 
A. At Prüvit we strive to get 1% BETTER every day, so on a weekly basis a survey will be emailed to you. 

Q: Who can I contact if the above does not answer my question/issue?
A: Prüvit Meals and Snacks support team are standing by at 



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