Prüvit Meals & Snacks 🍴 Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who can purchase Prüvit Meals & Snacks right now? 
A: All Prüvit Promoters. Order Here

Q: Can we share our Prüvit Meals & Snacks with anyone? 
A: Yes! Share Share Share. Start building your waiting list for when Prüvit Meals & Snacks are available to all customers in the continental US. 

Q: What payment options are available when ordering Prüvit Meals & Snacks? 
A. Credit Card, Sezzle, PayPal

Q: What is the minimum number of Prüvit Meals and/or Snacks I can order? 
A: 8. This can be all Meals, or all Snacks, or a combination of the two. We give you the best value, and freshest food, by shipping 8 items per box.

Q: When do I need to change the choices I’ve selected in my weekly Prüvit Meals & Snacks SmartShip?
A: You have until Friday at 11pm CT to make changes to the following weeks box.




Q: How frequently do Prüvit Meals & Snacks Ship?
A: Weekly 

Q: I placed my first Meal order, did this automatically setup a SmartShip? 
A: Yes. One of the perks, is ease of mind with weekly SmartShips. The first shipment processes immediately, and sets up the recurring to start the week after first order ships.

Q: Do I have to setup a recurring SmartShip when ordering Prüvit Meals & Snacks?
A: Yes, this was setup as part of your first order. Weekly SmartShips allow our team to better forecast the ingredients needed.

Q: How do I update my Prüvit Meals and Snacks SmartShip? 
A: Click here, and simply remove/add the meals or snacks you desire. You can also skip a week by selecting a new ship date. 

Q: I updated my Meal SmartShip, does this change my future Meal SmartShips?
A: This has changed your next order of Prüvit Meals and Snacks. You will have the ability to update your next weekly order each week prior to delivery. 

Q: I updated my Meal SmartShip, does this effect my Prüvit Technologies SmartShips?
A: No. The Meal SmartShip is separate from your Prüvit Technology SmartShip. 

Q: Can I change the date of my Meal SmartShip, similar to the SmartShip of my Ketones? Or how would it work?
A: Unfortunately, no. The processing date is fixed on a weekly cycle. You do have the ability to skip a week or cancel the whole SmartShip.



Q: How long do the meals stay fresh for?
A: Each Meal & Snack will have a separate expiration date or freeze by date listed on the box. 

Q: Is the packaging recyclable? 
A: Yes. The large cardboard box the meals are shipped in is standard recyclable. The insulation can be up-cycled for a multitude of DIY projects or the inside separated from the liner and recycle both through your recycling program. The ice packs can be re-used or separated for the insides to be composted and the liner recycled at a retailer that accepts drop-off bags, wraps, and film.

Q: Do we earn BV for this order? If so, how much per meal/snack/8 pack?
A: Yes, the range of BV is 14 - 18; BV depending on the selections. Snacks = 1.75  Meals = 2.25

Q: How can I submit feedback? 
A. At Prüvit we are striving to get 1% BETTER every day, so on a weekly basis a survey will be emailed to you. 

Q: Who can I contact if the above does not answer my question/issue?
A: Prüvit Meals and Snacks support team are standing by at 


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