Road to MØRE // February Opportunity

All roads lead to MØRE with this month's BONUS CASH opportunity 🙌 


NEW Promoters who join or upgrade in February are given $1000 earnings opportunity for February. If your Road to MØRE earnings ($500) plus your regular reward earnings are not equal to or greater than $1000, Prüvit will top you up to $1000.


How to Qualify

  • Sponsor 3 New Customers

             ✅ Minimum 50 BV each

             ✅ Active SmartShip

  • Sponsor 2 New Promoters

             ✅ Minimum 250 BV each (eg. Mini or Max Brand Builder Pack)

             ✅ Active SmartShip


🌏 Who can participate: Promoters & Customers worldwide *(excludes Taiwan)* *Customers paid in PB.

⏱ Qualifying period: February 1st - 28th

💵  Payout will occur on March 15th


Additional notes

  • A single account will count only towards one qualifier. Eg. If a new customer who orders as a Customer, then upgrades to Promoter and places a Promoter order, then it will only count towards the New Promoter qualifier.
  • Promoters who qualify for top-up payment must have SmartShip process in March in order to claim. Applicable top-ups will be paid on March 18 or April 1, based on when personal SS is processed.



Fine Print Details:

  • PROMO 3128: Conditions apply. Excludes Taiwan. Customers who upgrade do count as a Promoter but only the volume placed after they upgrade during the promotional period counts. Customers will be paid in PB. This promotion is intended to be fun and fair. Bonus buying will not be tolerated and is actively monitored by our advanced Bonus Buying Hawk. Anyone found to be bonus buying will be immediately suspended without pay. 
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