VIP Seasonal Product Vault


We LOVE our Community, and to show our appreciation to the most avid Prüvers, we're offering VIPs access to an exclusive Seasonal Product Vault.


What is a "VIP"?

Simply put, a Very Inspired Prüver. These Prüvers LOVE our technology, our food, and sharing the Ketone Conversation™! 


How do I become a VIP?

To unlock access to the product vault, you must have the following for the month:

  • At least 100 BV in personal supplements
    • Before Prüvit Bucks are applied
  • At least 2 boxes of Prüvit Food
    • These two boxes can be in the same week or over the course of 1 month

Please note, these are considered on a month-by-month basis. If Pruvit Food is not available in your area of residence or is being restricted due-to high weather temps, your requirement will be 150 BV in personal supplements. BV from personal SmartShip orders is based on the BV before Pruvit Bucks are applied.


What's in the Seasonal Product Vault?

This vault harbors a multitude of the fun seasonal KETO//OS NAT®, KETO//OS PRØ®, KETO//KREME® we have created over the past year. Flavors are limited and only available while supplies last, and once they're gone - they're gone for good! 


How can I shop the seasonal vault?

Head to: and you will be prompted to login with your cloud login. If you have met the qualifications, you will see the seasonal product line-up to shop from.


Having trouble with your Prüvit Food order? 

If your food order cannot ship due to weather or if you are using a 3rd party shipping address, please submit a request to be added to the VIP list. You will need to have 150BV for the month in personal orders to qualify for the VIP exclusive shop cart. 

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