SUMMER SMASH // Bonus Opportunity



How to Qualify

Enroll New Promoters June 16 through June 30 (min 100 BV) 


What does the New Promoter qualify for? 

+ Double Go Fast for 30 Days (for New Promoters with Mini or Max Brand Builder Pack)

+ Double MVP Bonus ($500 + $500 = $1000 USD)*

+ Rank 7 Pass (Residual Commissions for 1 Year when they hit MVP)**


What does the Enroller qualify for? 

+ $100USD When you help them get 2 New Personally Enrolled Customers by the end of July (min 50 BV)***

+ $500USD Matching MVP Bonus when you help them go MVP by the end of July


Fine Print Details

🌏 Open to new and existing Prüvers worldwide *(excludes Taiwan)**Customers paid in PB.

⏱ Qualifying period: June 16 @ 12:01am CT - June 30 @ 11:59pm CT

💵  Payout will occur the month following qualification.

Conditions Apply. Commission Clawbacks will apply if qualifying orders are returned. This promotion is intended to be fun and fair. Bonus buying will not be tolerated and is actively monitored by our advanced Bonus Buying Hawk. Anyone found to be bound buying will be immediately suspended without pay.

* Any new promoter who enrolls (with over 100 BV) accesses the double MVP and rank 7 pass.

New Promoters must enroll with Mini or Max Brand Builder to access the double go fast.

** Refer to Rewards Plan for details of the Rank 7 Pass 

*** Bonus is capped at $100. i.e if you help a promoter get 4 new customers you do not get $200



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