Social Media Guidelines

Examples: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, Linked In, Pinterest

  1. Please submit your personal and business social media page(s) to for review and approval. You must also submit any new or revised content that relates to Pruvit’s products, services or the opportunity to for review and approval prior to posting. Unapproved social media page(s) and content must not be posted. When in doubt, submit to Compliance!
  2. You cannot use Prüvit, Keto//OS, Pure Therapeutic Ketones or any other proprietary  trade names, trademarks or service marks owned by Prüvit in the  name/title/description of your social media pages. 
  3. If you use your personal page or your business page to promote and build your Prüvit business, please identify yourself in your “INTRO” section and/or cover photo as an  “Independent Prüvit Promoter.”. 
  4. If you choose to advertise your Prüvit business on your personal and/or business  social media page, please respect others and keep your content positive, professional, and free of offensive content and vulgarity. You will have customers  and other Promoters as “friends” and you must represent yourself and Prüvit in a  professional and positive manner.  
  5. A Promoter is allowed to have only one (1) Prüvit business social media page per  social media platform. 
  6. You may post a link to your Prüvit replicated website on your personal or business  social media page in the “INTRO” section or in advertising you do on your personal or  business social media page. 
  7. You may post your own before/after results pictures, as well as, those of others who  have given you express permission* to do so on your personal and/or business social  media page. Testimonials must be truthful and accurate, and supported with a  detailed account of how the results were achieved. Testimonials and before/after  pictures that make misleading weight loss claims, or any medical or income claims will not be approved and must not be posted. You must disclose that you are an  Independent Prüvit Promoter, along with the following disclaimer: “The results  depicted in the photo (or described in the testimonial) are unique to the individual, and achieved only through dedication to a specific diet and exercise regimen in  conjunction with Pruvit’s dietary supplements. Results are not typical.” This disclaimer must be conspicuous, clear and obvious to the viewer. Pruvit suggests you use large  font that is bold or italicized.  
  8. Any pictures of Prüvit products on your personal and/or business social media page which are accompanied by text or commentary of any kind must be submitted to  Compliance for approval before posting.  
  9. You may post information about upcoming Prüvit events, mixers, trainings and  conference calls on your personal and/or business social media page.  
  10. Social Media “Live” events: In the event that you utilize any social media “live” to promote your independent business, you must include a disclaimer that you are an Independent Promoter and that the statements made within the live posting have not  been reviewed by Prüvit and Prüvit does not endorse those statements. The following is  an example: “The statements and opinions expressed herein are my own and have not  been approved by or adopted by Prüvit. You should consult your medical professional before starting any diet, exercise or dietary supplement plan.” 
  11. Unsubstantiated, misleading, or false health, medical, or income claims are strictly  prohibited.  
  12. If someone in your upline contacts you regarding questionable content on your social  media page, you should remove the content immediately. The Pruvit community is  here to look out of the best interest of YOU, the Promoter, and “Protect the House.” Ask Compliance for guidance, when needed. 
  13. A Promoter may not offer or advertise any non-Pruvit opportunity, product or service  via social media even if the offer or advertisement is separate and distinct form their  Pruvit personal and/or business social media page. 
  14. You are not allowed to share or post any content (e.g., videos, articles, podcasts) created by a Prüvit spokesperson which has not been previously posted by Prüvit on  its official website or Pruvit’s official social media outlets. Additionally, you may not  post any unauthorized videos or podcasts recorded during any Prüvit event. 
  15. You cannot post or offer any incentives for people to order from your personal or  business social media page. This includes, promotional coupons, product giveaways,  sweepstakes or contests. You are only permitted to share or post official promotional  flyers that have been created and offered by Prüvit.  
  16. You are allowed to pay for advertising ‘Likes’ in order to promote your Prüvit business. 
  17. You are allowed to advertise the opportunity to purchase five (5) and ten (10) day  Sample Packs and to link that advertisement to your personal PayPal Account or other  secure source of payment processing, however payment via “Facebook pay” is strictly prohibited. Proof of product shipment via tracking is required. 
  18. Under no circumstance is a Promoter allowed to sell Pruvit products on any third party  “auction” site, including but not limited to eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Facebook  Marketplace,,, Ubuy, Bols, Groupon, Craigs List,  Poshmark, and Alibaba. 
  19. A Promoter may share any posts which come directly from Prüvit’s official social  media outlets or website.  
  20. When posting or sharing testimonials relating to income or earnings generated by a  Pruvit business on social media, you must note that your statements are based on your  own personal experience and are the result of your own hard work and dedication  to selling the products and may not be what a typical Promoter can reasonably  achieve. You must also provide a copy of Pruvit’s Income Disclosure Statement with  any income claims. All testimonials must be approved by Compliance before they  are posted to social media.  
  21. Promoters must post the following disclaimer on all social media pages: I am an Independent Pruvit Promoter with Prüvit Ventures, Inc. The opinions and content posted on this page are my independent thoughts and opinions and have not been approved or endorsed by Prüvit Ventures. 
  22. You are prohibited from posting any communication received from or generated by  Prüvit Ventures, Inc., including its Support Team, Compliance Team, or any other  employees or representatives to any social media page or Facebook Closed or  Private Groups. Such communications are deemed and should be treated as strictly  confidential. 
  23. All Ranks are eligible to use the social media extension Link Tree (or equivalent link  sharing platforms) in accordance with these Guidelines. However, the only links which  may be utilized on any link sharing platform (including but not limited to Link Tree) are:  (i) links to Pruvit-generated sites (e.g., Challenge, Reboot, Prüvit TV, etc.); (ii) links to Pruvit’s Income Disclosure Statement; (iii) your Social Media links; (iv) links to 3-10 trials;  and (v) contact page that allows prospective customers/promoter to provide their  name, email, and phone number. You must identify yourself as an “Independent  Promoter” on any link sharing platform. Under no circumstance may Link Tree or any  other link sharing platform be used to generate email marketing.
  24. A Pruvit Promoter who violates any of these Guidelines are subject to disciplinary  action in accordance with the Promoter Agreement. 


  • All Closed or Private Facebook Group pages must not exceed one hundred (100)  members unless the Group has received express permission from Compliance to  exceed that number. 
  • Private Facebook Groups should consist of Promoters in your lineage only. Inviting  cross lineage Promoters to join Closed or Private Facebook Groups is prohibited and  must be avoided.  
  • All members must officially be added by the Administrator(s) of the Facebook page  to participate in the Closed or Private Group.  
  • Administrator(s) must add a Pruvit Compliance Officer to any Closed or Private  Facebook Group and that Compliance Officer shall have the ability to monitor all  comments and/or information posted therein. 
  • Administrators, Members and content contained in the Closed or Private Facebook  Groups must comply with the Prüvit Policies and Procedures.  
  • Persons associated with the group (Administrators/Members) are not allowed to  promote and/or advertise any products of other companies on the Facebook page  of the Closed or Private Group. 
  • Persons associated with the group may not engage in cross-line recruiting,  unhealthy competition, or any other unethical business practices.  
  • The Facebook Closed or Private Group page cannot contain any health medical  or income claims. 
  • Prüvit reserves the sole and exclusive right to determine whether a Closed or Private  Facebook Group is in violation of any Prüvit Policies & Procedures.
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