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The culture of Prüvit, as the leading exogenous ketone supplement company, provides exceptional value, honor, and the power of choice. Our foundation is based upon education, mission, teams, relationships, and the overall commitment to BETTER! This is OUR company, and we need to protect our brand, technologies, & community. YOU can help! As always, we are here to make people BETTER with an even MØRE EPIK community to support you and your business.

Medical claims

Medical claims, whether they are direct, indirect, or implied, are a direct violation of Prüvit policy. Prüvit products cannot be promoted as preventing, curing, or treating any medical conditions/diseases, or as a replacement for pharmaceutical medical treatment. If you are promoting Prüvit products in a way that uses “ketones” in place of another medical treatment or product name, you are still in violation of policy. This includes the use of any medical condition, treatment or prescription medicine as part of your personal story.

What You Can Say:

  • “KETO//OS NAT® promotes BETTER energy, focus, and sleep!”
  • “Pure Therapeutic Ketones® support fat loss and healthy body composition.”
  • “Since I started drinking ketones daily, I feel like my mood has improved and I have more energy throughout the day!”
  • “Before drinking ketones, I was tired all the time. Since drinking ketones, my energy has been great, I have pep back in my step, and my cravings for carbs and sugars are far less than before.”

What You Cannot Say:

  • “Pure Therapeutic Ketones® cured my diabetes and got rid of my inflammation!
  • “Ketones are a weight loss product.”
  • “After drinking KETO//OS NAT®, my migraines have gone away!”
  • “Prüvit technology can prevent Alzheimer’s disease.”
  • “After going to my doctor and realizing my blood sugar was high, because of my diabetes, I started drinking ketones and now my blood sugar is normal!”
  • “Before drinking ketones, I used to have pain in my joints, but after drinking ketones, the pain in my knees is gone!”
  • “I’m off three prescription medications since drinking ketones.”

Income claims

Prüvit Promoters shall not make income projections, claims, or guarantees which can be misleading or unsubstantiated while presenting or discussing the Prüvit opportunity or Compensation Plan to prospective Promoters or Customers. To avoid any chance of deception, Prüvit Promoters should be honest that success requires substantial hard work and long-term commitment. ​You can say what you made ​AS LONG AS YOU PROVIDE THE INCOME DISCLOSURE STATEMENT​ contemporaneously, as well as detail your hard work and effort.

LINK to Income Disclosure Statement​pruvitnow.com/income-disclosure-statement

What You Can Say:

  • “Being part of Prüvit has been a great way to be part of a BETTER community.”
  • “Message me if you would like to learn more about how hard work and determination can help you build a foundation for a BETTER tomorrow.”
  • “Over the last two years, I have been able to build a BETTER life for myself and my family, because of Prüvit.”
  • “This is a business that can work in the nooks and crannies of your day. Whether you’re looking for a side hustle or a full-time commitment to BETTER, the difference is the time and hard work you put into your business on a consistent basis to reach your goals!”

What You Cannot Say:

  • “We got our car for FREE with Prüvit, you can too!”
  • “Just in two months, I have already made TWICE last year’s income.”
  • “Do you want to make $1000-$2000/ month working part-time from your phone?!”
  • “This company has blessed our family with not only a FREE car, but also the ability to pay for TWO vacations this month.”
  • “My husband and I started out looking to make an extra $1,000 a month. Now, we both work full-time in Prüvit, and we are in a BETTER place financially than we have ever been.”
  • “I make more money working in Prüvit than I ever did with a regular job.”

Lifestyle claims

Lifestyle claims are a visual representation of income claims that the public can perceive as misleading, deceptive, or are unsubstantiated when a promoter discusses the Pruvit business opportunity. These claims can give the impression of a certain hypothetical outcome and can be just as deceptive as specific income earnings without providing the ​INCOME DISCLOSURE STATEMENT​ in relation to relaying the hard work and dedication required for success.

What You Can Show:

  • Personal lifestyle without tying it into the Prüvit business opportunity.

What You Cannot Show:

  • An image of someone sitting on/in a new luxury car stating, “Who wants to earn extra income each month? With my Prüvit side hustle I was able to purchase this in a few months!”
  • A person relaxing on a yacht/private jet/exotic location with their laptop open to their replicated Pruvit site stating, “Ready for financial freedom?!”
  • Images on a social media platform specific to advertising the Prüvit business opportunity that include a lavish lifestyle (expensive houses, opulent mansions, exotic vacations, etc.) and asking “What are your dreams for the future?”.


Testimonials are personal statements of benefits received from using Prüvit products. Testimonials which contain claims of Prüvit products which prevent, cure, or treat any medical conditions/diseases, or contain therapeutic or curative benefits other than those in official Prüvit literature will not be tolerated.

What You Can Say:

  • “I had been feeling run down with low energy for several months. Then, I was introduced to KETO//OS NAT® from Prüvit. After drinking Pure Therapeutic Ketones® daily, over the course of a few months, I noticed I had more energy, and better control of my appetite and cravings. I also feel like I have been getting a better quality of sleep, and feeling more rested in the morning.”

What You Cannot Say:

  • “I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I suffered from chronic muscle pain, extreme fatigue, and insomnia. I was taking Lyrica to help ease some of these symptoms. After drinking KETO//OS NAT® for two months, not only am I pain-free, but I am prescription free!”

Promotions + Incentives​

An incentive is something that motivates or encourages one to do something.​ Incentives may not be given for recruitment-based activities, such as buying product or becoming a promoter, or being considered a lottery.

What You Can Say:

  • “Anyone who purchases a 5-10 day experience pack today, I’ll include a free sachet of KETO//KREME® with your order!” (This is a giveaway.)
  • “Whoever shares the Campfire video with the most people this month will win a free box of KETO//OS® PRØ.” (This is a contest.)
  • “Everyone who shares this post will be entered into a drawing to win a shaker bottle.” (This is a sweepstakes with no element of consideration.)
  • “Prüvit is great in many ways, and one of those ways is how you can work your way up in our promoter ranking system, through hard work and effort, to be a part of our car incentive program!”
  • “Love that my company rewards hard work! Through our car incentive program, I was able to earn a car through ranking up! Ranking up requires effort and dedication to your business! pruvitnow.com/income-disclosure-statement/​

What You Cannot Say:

  • “There's an awesome promotion going on at (Name of Gym) right now! If you go and sample KETO//OS NAT®, you get a 1-month free gym membership! If you buy a box of ketones, you’ll get a 5 year gym membership!”
  • You cannot offer “free shipping” with any purchase.
  • You cannot offer to pay the $37 enrollment fee to someone joining your team.
  • “You can earn a FREE car with Prüvit! All you have to do is become a promoter, like me!”

Prüvit’s Intellectual Property

Prüvit’s Intellectual Property and protected material includes Prüvit’s trade names, trademarks, service names, service marks, product names, URLs, advertising phrases, the Pruvit logo, Prüvit name, any derivative thereof or any other name adopted by Prüvit. As such, they are of great value to Prüvit and are not to be used in Internet domain names (URL), third party websites, e-mail addresses, titles of social media pages, web pages or blogs. The use of these terms is representative of an Official Corporate Prüvit site or page and is misleading to the public. Please note that any platform an Independent Promoter uses to advertise Pruvit products and/or the Prüvit business opportunity they must identify as an “Independent Prüvit Promoter” or an “Independent Prüver”.

What You Can Say (in Titles):

  • “Ketones by (NAME)-Independent Prüver”
  • “Low Carb Keto Lifestyle – (NAME)-Independent Prüvit Promoter”

What You Cannot Say:

  • “Prüvit Ketones”
  • “Prüvit by (NAME)”
  • “Prüvit U.S.A.”
  • “Official Prüvit by (NAME)”


Do not use the words “COVID-19” or “coronavirus” in reference to or coordination with Prüvit or any of our products. Furthermore, while Prüvit technology including the BETTER Boost pack or Signal//Defense Cocktail can support healthy immune function, they are not intended to treat or cure any illness, and should not be promoted in that regard. In order to remain compliant to FTC regulations, please refrain from using the words “covid”, “corona”, “coronavirus”, “immunity” or any similar phrases in all marketing and communication regarding Prüvit.

What You Can Say:

  • “Prüvit’s new Signal//Defense Cocktail is a great way to support your everyday well-being.”
  • “Being a part of Prüvit has been a great way for me to be part of a BETTER community.”
  • “Message me if you would like to learn more about how hard work and determination can help you build a foundation for a BETTER tomorrow for you and your family!”
  • “I love being part of something bigger than myself, and Prüvit allows me to be a part of the ketone movement and help others pursue BETTER!”
  • “Our technology is EPIK! If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of our technology, check out​ ​Pruvit.tv​ to hear from too KETO//OS® experts in the field”

What You Cannot Say:

  • “Boost your immunity with the Immunity Boost Pack to protect you from the Coronavirus. (The image accompanying the post shows Prüvit technology below the phrase “Immunity Boost Pack”)
  • “This breakdown of the coronavirus is really good! Some products you may currently be using for fat loss are also a great benefit helping your immunity. Signal OS enhances your immune function!” (The image accompanying the post shows Prüvit technology below the phrase “Immunity Boost Pack”)
  • “With all the concerns over COVID-19 and stocking up on toilet paper, you need to do something to help you fight the virus! Boost your immune system with our Immunity Boost Pack! Use intermittent fasting in conjunction with Signal//OS capsules! Order while supplies last!! #covid19 #immuneboost #coronavirus (The image accompanying the post shows Prüvit technology below the phrase “Immunity Boost Pack”)
  • I’m so excited for this. It’s so important to keep your immune system up, but especially right now with the Coronavirus spreading rapidly. BETTER health is TOP priority. Introducing our Immunity Boost Pack, full of technology to help protect your immune system.”

Keywords to NOT use in relation to Prüvit

  • COVID-19
  • Coronavirus
  • Immunity
  • Inflammation
  • Immune Function and Immune System can only be used COMPLIANTLY, as Prüvit technology “supports the body’s natural immune system” and “supports healthy immune function”.

We must add that these guidelines protect the Prüvit brand and community. By not upholding our community standards, account holders are subject to disciplinary action such as suspension and in extreme situations, termination. Our goal, through education of regulatory guidelines, we can continue the pursuit of BETTER. Please report any non-compliant or deceptive posts, or anything in regards to COVID-19/CORONAVIRUS, to a team leader or to compliance@pruvithq.com.


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