PRØChamp Exclusive Lab Tours


We're opening up our Prüvit Lab to give you a front-row seat to see where the magic happens!

Available to all Pro Champs Rank 7 and above. Sign up for a tour of the Prüvit Lab in Van Alstyne, TX to see where Prüvit Technology is formulated, packaged, and shipped.
There are two options to choose from based on the size of your group. Check out the details below, and request a time today!



  • Cost: Will be communicated to you upon confirmation  
  • Groups of 40 - 90 
  • 2 hour tour, which will include:
    • Tour of the lab, where the MAGIC happens
    •  Flavor sampling
    • Departing gift
  • Currently, you can request a 10AM slot or an 11AM slot. * The 10am slot is truly a 10am slot, the 11am slot is actually a 1pm slot.  


  • Cost: $27 (when leader books) + $10 per person in group 
  • Groups of 7-30
  • Tour will include:
    • Tour of the lab, where the MAGIC happens
    • Flavor sampling
    • Departing gift
  • MINIMUM is 7 people in your group *You will NOT be confirmed or admitted without at least 7  people in your group 
  • MAXIMUM is 30 people in your group *This is NOT a request. You will NOT be confirmed or admitted with more than 30 people in your group at one time, as capacity is limited. 


  • When you “book” a slot on Calendly, it is simply a request. You are NOT confirmed until notified by prüvit staff via e-mail. Remember, to be confirmed, you must have:
  • Your minimum amount of attendees
  • You (as the leader) make the group payment of $27 AND the $10 per person (you are responsible for paying the full amount, and can have your participants pay you directly for their portion) 
  • Forfeit of tours will happen if you do not confirm your tour within seven days of HQ responding to your requested tour day and time.
  • You are responsible for moving your group IN and OUT in your allotted time. Because the lab is a working space, no lingering, loitering, or extending your allotted time will be permitted. 
  • Specific attire is REQUIRED for entry (you will be stopped and denied access if attire is not based on the specifically outlined guidelines. 
    • Attire: Shirts with sleeves (no tank tops), pants (no shorts, jorts, culottes, capris, etc), no attire with holes permitted. No open-toed shoes (this includes crocs) *access will be denied if attire guidelines are not followed as outlined
  • Lab tour requests will be unavailable during all prüvit- hosted events (including events without attendees)
  • Would you like to BETTER your experience? Sheraton McKinney is a GREAT hotel that would LOVE to host you and your group. By being part of the prüvit community, you will receive special room rates and consideration for available meeting space if desired. Click here to book now



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