Cash Wallet Coupons

Cash Wallet Coupons (CWC) allow you to use your Cash Wallet funds to create a one-time redeemable Coupon Code that you can share with others.


Who can create Cash Wallet Coupons?

Any Cash Wallet user in available markets who has Cash Wallet funds available.


How do I create Cash Wallet Coupons?

  1. Log in to your Cash Wallet and click on the ‘Coupons’ tab



  1. Specify the amount for which you would like to create a Cash Wallet Coupon



  1. Once the Cash Wallet Coupon is created, it will appear on the right under Available Coupons, from there you can copy the Coupon Code and send it to your recipient



  1. Cash Wallet Coupon Codes can be shared/redeemed by any user within the same Currency type


How do I delete Cash Wallet Coupons?

You can delete a Cash Wallet Coupon using the ‘Recycle’ option. This will make the coupon code inactive and the Cash Wallet funds will be returned to your Cash Wallet balance.


How do I redeem a Cash Wallet Coupon?

Add products to your cart and select Cash Wallet Coupon as the payment method during the checkout process.

Important: Your order total including taxes and shipping must not exceed the Cash Wallet Coupon value. If your total order exceeds the coupon value, the CWC option will not be available at checkout. 



What happens to any unused balance on a Cash Wallet Coupon after redemption?

Any unused portion of a CWC will be returned to the issuer’s Cash Wallet balance.


Can I use Cash Wallet Coupons on SmartShip orders? 

No, Cash Wallet Coupons cannot be used on SmartShip items. If SmartShip items are added to your cart, the Cash Wallet Coupon option will not be available at checkout.


Can I use Cash Wallet Coupons in a different currency?

No, Cash Wallet Coupons must be used in the same currency as the one it was created in. (Example: You received a coupon in US dollars. You cannot then apply it to Mexico MXN pesos.)


Tax Reporting:

When a Cash Wallet Coupon is redeemed, it generates a taxable event for the coupon creator and will appear as such on 1099 and/or equivalent reports.


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