VIP Club 2024 FAQ

Program Overview

What is it?

Set up and maintain a SmartShip to join the VIP Club.


What do I get?

  • Get 15% off every day and VIP Vault technologies. And, after 3 consecutive months, get 25% off.
  • Unlock the VIP Vault and access exclusive flavors and technologies.
  • Access to the new 3 for Free program
  • Access to the new Affiliate Program 


Frequently Asked Questions

Do 3FF points expire?

Yes, unused points will expire 90 days after their issue date.


How do I spend my 3FF points?

Any available 3FF Points will be automatically applied to your SmartShip order. 


Can I use my points towards taxes, shipping, and other fees?

No, Points can only be redeemed towards the subtotal value of selected products, excluding tax, shipping, and other fees.


How long does it take for points to deposit in my account?

Points will deposit approximately 48 hours after being earned, provided there were no affecting refunds.


When do I start getting 25% off?

The VIP+ 25% discount commences AFTER your 3rd SmartShip order has been processed. For example, if your 3rd SmartShip order processes on August 12, then on August 13 you could place an everyday order with 25% off.


How does this affect New Personal Qualifying Volume (NPQV)?

NPQV works the exact same way. 

The QV from one-time orders placed during the first 30 days of new personally enrolled Customers and Promoters AND/OR volume from the 1st SS processed. The 30 days starts with their first order, setting up their first SmartShip or placing their first order (or SS order) in the last 12+ months. When a Customer upgrades to a Promoter, this triggers a new 30 day period where such orders will be included in NPQV. Used only as a qualifier for certain bonuses.

So, YES! Customer who use Give & Get codes to refer other customer also count toward NPQV.


Can I use points even if I'm not a VIP Club member?

No, 3FF points are only available to use on SmartShip orders. And as long as you have a SmartShip order set, you’re a VIP Club member. If you pause your SmartShip for a period of time, your points will be waiting for you (until they expire) when you resume your SmartShip.


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