VIP Club 2024 Transition

Is there still a VIP+?

Yes! Anyone that sets up a SmartShip is considered a VIP and will get 15% off on most orders. After your third consecutive monthly SmartShip order process, you are automatically upgraded to VIP+ and qualify for a 25% discount on most orders going forward, as long as you maintain your SmartShip.

Is there a VIP club discount on somebody’s very first order?

Yes. If a new Prüver sets up their SmartShip when they place their order, they will get a 15% discount on most products from the beginning.


What will happen to my current VIP Club points?

You may still redeem your points through July 30, 2024, or until they expire, whichever comes first.


What happens to orders placed at the end of April? Do I get VIP Club points or 3FF points?

All orders through April 30, will continue to receive VIP Club points within 48 hours and will expire in 90 days unless used.

Orders beginning May 1, will not receive VIP Club points but applicable customer orders can count towards 3 for Free.


What is the value of the new 3FF points compared to the VIP Club points.

10 VIP Club points = $1 USD

3FF points are a 1:1 value; 1 3FF point = $1 USD


VIP Club access is the same for Promoters and Customers.


BV on orders using points is offset in the same way it does for discount. Proportionate to the discount off the full retail price. 


Points will stack on up to 50% of the retail value after 15/25% discount. VIP members will automatically receive 15% off all qualifying orders while VIP+ members will receive 25% off. You can then use points towards your order to bring your total savings to 50% off the regular retail price.  This applies when using your existing VIP Points for May SmartShip or one-time orders.


Give & Get Codes

Will we still earn Give & Get coupons when we process a SmartShip order?

No. Both $10 and $20 Give & Get coupons will no longer be awarded after April 30.

What happens to Give & Get Offers that I have sent out already?

Will they still be honored? Available $20 Give & Get coupons that you’ve earned can still be redeemed by new customers/promoters until the coupon expires. $10 Give & Get will no longer be accessible as of May 1.

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