3 For Free Program 2024 FAQ

Program Overview

What is it?

Refer 3 customers with the same or greater order value, and your next SmartShip is FREE.


How do I qualify?

Set up and maintain a SmartShip to join the VIP Club

Refer 3 Customers who set up a SmartShip

Get full BV on qualified Customer orders


What do I get?

Get your next SmartShip for free (average of 3 largest Customer orders, max $350 per month)


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum for customer orders to count toward my 3 for Free?

No. Any qualifying order from a customer will count. To meet the requirements, it must be a SmartShip order or an order within a Customer’s first 30 days. The average of your largest three customer orders will be the maximum discount amount applied to your next months SmartShip order.

If I have a customer place 3 orders in their first 30 days, will this qualify me to earn 3FF points?

No. You must have 3 separate customers who each place a qualifying order to qualify for the 3 for Free program.

If one of my 3 customers has more than one qualifying order, will they be added together to count towards my 3 for Free?

No. Only the customer’s highest priced order will count towards your 3 for Free.


I can earn free product, but how do I choose what product I get for free?

Your Smartship IS the product you can get for free.  You will qualify for 3 for Free program and earn Points... those Points can then be used on your monthly Smartship.

What happens if I cancel my SmartShip?

You will not earn any more 3FF points but you can still use previously earned 3FF points on future SmartShip orders until the 3FF points expire (90 days from date of issue).


Will Affiliate orders count towards 3 for Free, too?

No. Only Customer orders will qualify you to receive 3 for Free points.


When can I start getting free product with my 3FF points?

Your May customer orders can count towards your 3FF and deposited to your account on June 1.  Then accumulated 3FF points will be automatically applied to SmartShip orders (up to 100%) starting in June.


Can I get 3FF points if I haven’t placed an order?

No. You must have your own Active SmartShip set up and have had a personal order (either one-time or SmartShip) process each month.


What do I need to do to use 3FF points on my SmartShip order? Are there any limits?

Nothing! Any available 3FF points that you have in your Prüvit wallet will be automatically applied to your monthly SmartShip You can use up to 350 3FF points for a SmartShip order per month. That can go towards 100% of the product price but you will have to pay for shipping and taxes. 3FF point expire 90 days from the date they are issued.


Can I use 3FF points on one-time orders? Is there a weekly or monthly limit for using 3FF points?

No. 3FF points are available for use on SmartShip orders only. You can use up to 350 3FF points on each SmartShip order.


If somebody uses 3FF points on their SmartShip order, does it affect volume?

If 3FF points are used on an order, the BV on that order will be adjusted which will affect payout of BV-based bonuses. QV is not affected, so it will still count for ranks. A customer order that used points can still count towards a customer count for other bonuses (for example one of 10 VIP customers to earn the VIP bonus).


How are 3FF points calculated and paid?

You must have 3 or more customers with qualifying orders (either a SmartShip order or an order within the customers first 30 days, as long as they have a SmartShip set up). You will receive the average of the highest priced orders from 3 unique customers. It will be deposited into your Prüvit wallet on the first of the following month so you can use it whenever your next SmartShip processes. Adjustments may be made as needed on the 15th of the month after commissions officially pay out.



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