Latest updates and upcoming releases for all our Apps for iOS, Android, and beyond. This includes the Pruvit Every Day app, Prüvit Pulse app, and Pulse Pro.

March 19th, 2021

🌏 Prüvit Every Day app for Android live for Asia

The Pruvit Every Day app for Android is now available in Asia here:



March 5th, 2021

📲  Pulse Profile Upgrade

Check out new 'shortcut links' under the Profile screen in the latest version of Pulse! One-click access to popular pages like Rewards, Order History, and the Cloud Store! Download the newest version of Pulse here- Apple: Android: 



February 26th, 2021

📇  Pulse Update

‘Contacts’ tab in Pulse app is now called ‘Community’ with upgraded design including quick access to New Customer stats (tap to view a list of names)



February 19th, 2021

🇨🇦  Pulse PRØ Beta now available in Canada

Prüvit’s Pulse PRØ Beta is now available in both US and Canada! Click here to download:


February 12th, 2021

🎉 Prüvit Every Day is LIVE for Android

The Prüvit Every Day app is officially LIVE for Apple and Android🎉 Click here to download:



January 27th, 2021

✅  Prüvit Every Day app updates

Accountability is CHARGING this year with our Prüvit Every Day App! 💪  See recent updates to our newest app below:

  • Multi-time zone support*
  • Translations added
  • New “celebration animation” after completing daily actions
  • Login freeze corrected
  • General bug fixing and performance improvements

Join the P.Ed party and download the app today!

*Please allow up to 24 hours after updating the app for your local timezone to show correctly.


January 15th, 2021

💁‍♀️ "Hey Siri, open my Cloud office"

The Prüvit Pulse app is now equipped with an additional shortcut to your Cloud office to make access easier than ever. Download the latest version of Prüvit Pulse from the App Store and follow these steps to set up today:

    • Log in to Pulse 
    • Click Profile
    • Click Settings
    • Click Add “Open Cloud Office’ to Shortcuts
    • Say “Hey Siri, open my Cloud office”

Same functionality for Android users coming soon!



January 15th, 2021

📱 Autologin everywhere

In the next release of the Prüvit Pulse App, all links to Prüvit websites and the Cloud Office will log in the user automatically as long as you use HTTPS in the link. No more need to stop and login every time you open a new link from the Pulse App.


January 11th, 2021

🚀 Pulse Pro Beta Rollouts

We will be rolling out the Pulse Pro Beta App w/ trials to Canada, New Zealand & Australia on COC Monday, January 18th. We will also be rolling it out on Zoom the following Wednesday, January 20th.



January 10th, 2021

🗣 'Open Cloud Office' Siri Shortcut for iPhone users

In the week starting Jan 11 we are submitting an updated Pulse version to Apple, which means it should go live to the App Store on Wednesday.

This update will include a fun integration with Siri where Prüvers can set up a Siri Shortcut for 'Open Cloud Office'. This is the most commonly tapped item in the app and we'll follow up with more shortcuts in the near future for other popular app features.

This is a screenshot showing the new 'Other' section in the Profile -> Settings page. Prüvers can simply tap this button then follow the prompts. Once set up they can say "Hey Siri, open Cloud Office", and voilà!





January 8th, 2021

👀 Pulse Pro updates

Did you notice any Pulse PRØ updates this past week? Check these out and get to it!

  • You can now send multiple quantities of 3-day trials to the same person. Give them 6 days, 9 days, or 12 days to experience KETO//OS NAT®!
  • Love the stories in Pulse? Download them directly to your camera roll to share on your own social!
  • Please submit feedback for the Pulse PRØ app here:
  • Haven’t upgraded yet? Head to and download today!

January 8th, 2021

👏 New Features coming soon to the Pruüvit Every Day app!

Take your personal and professional success to new heights this year with the Prüvit Every Day App! New features COMING SOON include:

  • Android access
  • Multi-language and multi-time zone support
  • Editing of action journal entries
  • Fun animation when you complete days and actions

In the meantime, please submit your feedback here:


January 1st, 2021

💪 Prüvit Every Day app is live in the App Store

Commit to 1% BETTER every day with the Pruüvit Every Day app! Prüvit’s new app technology helps you connect with up to 4 accountability partners from your community to stay on track as a team. Drive home your new healthy habits with accountability streaks, daily journal prompts, monthly challenges, and rewards! Available now on iOS, coming soon to Android.


December 9th, 2020

🎉 Pulse Pro is live

  • The ability for any promoter to use broadcast feature to personal customer and promoters on the team, filter by country
  • Stat updates on product purchasing: summarized views of vital status.
  • Based on what the highlight is, purchases based on personal
  • Another status could be based on the community. Ties into the broadcast feature, when you tap on the screen, you can broadcast filter and send the results.
  • Email, animated gifs, pulse, stories/broadcast/highlights
  • Access to new innovative content, to share the ketone conversation.
  • Add filter to pulse app to communicate to pulse pro
  • New annual fee as part of the announcement (37 optimizing 47) pulse pro subscription to monthly 27, or annually $197.



December 5th, 2020

🎉 Pulse Pro Beta is live in the US



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