Access your Wallet

  1. When you receive your first commission, the ‘Wallet’ button on your home screen will become clickable (instead of greyed out).

    Screenshot of the Cloud Office

    Start by clicking ‘Wallet’.

  2. Because it’s the first time you are accessing your Wallet, you will need to enter in some mandatory information like Social Security Number, or EIN. You also have the option to choose Individual or Company.

    Screenshot of the Cloud Office

    When you’re done on this screen, click the green ‘Continue’ button at the bottom.

  3. When you clicked ‘Continue’, in step 2, an email was sent to you with instructions for registering your eWALLET (powered by iPayout). Prüvit has partnered with iPayout to manage your commissions.
    Screenshot of the Cloud Office

    If you do not see the Registration email, please check your Spam folder or contact customer support at, Live Chat via, or (866)844-5682 to verify the accuracy of your email address.

  4. Click on the link and use the login details provided to activate your account and begin the Setup Wizard. It typically takes 1 to 3 minutes to complete your eWallet setup.

    Screenshot of the Cloud Office


Step 1: Complete the required profile information. The information will be pre-populated for your convenience. Should you need to make any changes, please do so at this time.

Step 2: Review and agree to Terms and Conditions

Step 3: Set up the Transaction PIN, which will be required to authenticate all eWallet transactions and ensure confidence that your account is secure.

Note: Due to KYC procedures, we may require additional documents, such as a copy of government ID to be submitted

Your account is ready!


Need help?

LIVE CHAT This option is available Monday- Friday 8AM-6PM EST. To access Live Chat please scroll to the bottom of any page of your eWallet account and click on the Live Chat link (Green & Blue when online).

PHONE SUPPORT This option is available Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM EST. Call: 1-866-844-5682 (Login concerns, forgotten passwords, and change of personal information are handled free of charge)

EMAIL SUPPORT This option is available 24/7. All emails will be answered within 3 business days.


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