Hosting an Event or Keto Life Party

Holding an independent event or Keto Life Party is a great way to market your Prüvit business and share the Ketone Conversation™!

We have some guidelines for holding an event to ensure not only is it compliant but it is marketing your independent business:

  1. First you will need to fill out the Event Approval Request Form and submit to
  2. You need to identify that this event is hosted by your Independent Business and you’re an
  3. “Independent Promoter” to not be confused with corporate events.
  4. All advertising material will need to be submitted to ensure there are no medical or income claims.
  5. You cannot sell swag of any kind at this event even if it is strictly swag with team content. You may give this away but cannot collect a profit off the Prüvit community.
  6. All use of trademarks must contain the proper trademark indicators.
  7. If you sell samples at this event it must be made clear that all transactions are from your Independent Business. Prüvit HQ is not liable for returns or refunds on these outside sales.

We encourage participating and hosting events from mixers in your home, vendor events, or private held social events. We appreciate your cooperation in protecting the Prüvit brand and community.

Please reach out to if you have any questions.

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