Support Hack Sheet for our Raving Fans

Why are we a cloud-based company and what does that mean?

Our cloud-based structure makes us more us the ability to grow globally at a faster pace as well as track and respond to your inquiries more effectively in order to minimize response times.

Maximize Your Support Communication with These 3 Simple Tips:

Prüvers Responsibility

For questions and guidance to solutions and tools:

  • Reach out to your team of Prüvers
  • Be resourceful before emailing support
  • Check FAQs at
  • Checkout Keto101 at

We are a Team!

We are in this together. The Prüvit HQ Squad is in place to support all Prüver efforts in the marketplace around the world. Be collaborative and solution-oriented in your communication.



To save time and better serve you, please be very specific with the subject line and body of your email.

Subject Line

Choose from one of these suggested subject lines when emailing

  • Shipping Help
  • Technical Support
  • Rewards Plan
  • Product Question
  • Compliance Question
  • Error Code on Ordering


Please include the following:

  1. Name on account
  2. Order number, if applicable
  3. Referral code, if you are a Promoting Prüver
  4. In as few words as possible, please state your challenge and the solution you’d like to see
  5. Include screenshots, if applicable, of the issue in question


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